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Biodent Dental Implant Center in Budapest

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BioDent Esthetic Dentistry

BioDent  Esthetic Dentistry

Nyugati tér 5, lst floor,  Ring#28

1132 Budapest, Hungary

 (+36 ) 70 9328095

Dr. Farad Ghazaei, M.S.c, PG.C, D.M.D, B.Sc


Implantology and Dental Surgery,

M.Sc, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany


Post-studies in Atrophic Jaw Implantation and Prosthetic Solution,

PG.C, ISOSS, Paris University XII, Cannes & Paris, France

Doctor Of Medical Dentistry,

D.M.D, Semmelweis University, Hungary


Bachelore of Biochemical Sciences,

B.Sc, McMaster Universiry, Canada


Accepted publications and presentations:

1. Treatment concept for extremely atrophic. mandibula renouncing on grafts and heavy surgery in bone heights of  less than 5mm.  XXII Congress of the European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery, P-382, F. Ghazaei, F. Spahn

2. Case Description of a New Graftless Solution for a Patient with Complete Alveolar Ridge Loss in the Molar Part of the Maxilla.
Polish Association of Implantologists Poznan, May 2013, David-Adam; Ghazaei-Farhad    

Please read the reviews from Dr. Ghazaei’s patients coming from different parts of the world in the following links:   

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